Self-cleaning concrete treatment

Joma CLEAN gives photocatalytic self-cleaning power to concrete and stones, helping prevent growth of organisms such as algae, mold and bacteria.

Joma CLEAN is non-hazardous, has long shelf life, and can be easily sprayed onto clean concrete or stone surfaces. The nanoparticles diffuse into the pores of the material and bind to the material, making a durable structure with a highly active surface..

When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays present in natural sunlight, the active nanomaterial produce radicals that attack microorganisms, but without being consumed themselves. The same radicals also destroy toxic NOx gases and other air pollution. Independent 3rd party testing (ISO 22197) of this Joma product applied on paving stones has shown a record high activity.

TiO2 nanoparticles make the surface to which it is applied more hydrophilic, which may give an extra ‘easy-clean’ effect by allowing water to penetrate further underneath particles stuck to the surface.


  • ·         Photocatalytic + hydrophilic surface
  • ·         Easy to apply by spraying or brushing
  • ·         Extremely diffusion open
  • ·         Non-hazardous, pH 8-9
  • ·         Recommended for: concrete paving stones, bricks and roof tiles.
  • ·         Also suitable for: natural stones or as overcoat on silicate/inorganic paint.
  • ·         One liter covers approx. 10 m2 depending on surface porosity
  • ·         Concentrated version available for mixing into formulations.


* This product is not recommended for coating onto emulsion paints or plastics or other organic substrates. Application on surfaces already treated with other coatings or sealants may give variable results. Consult Joma to find out the best combination for your needs

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