Other products

In addition to the standard product range for mineral surfaces, Joma has also developed a range of nano-TiO2 products for other substrates and functionalities, from self-cleaning textiles to UV-protection to solar cell materials. These specialised products are generally offered only with joint development or other agreement. Please take contact if you have an interest in such product development.


Customer specific products and formulations

Products in this category typically result from a joint development program with a specific goal, or customisation under another type of agreement. Examples include:

  • ·         Formulations optimized for specific surfaces (pH, concentration, potentially binders)
  • ·         Formulations with specific compatibility needs (corrosion properties, viscosity ranges)
  • ·         Concentrates for mixing into customer formulations


Lab protoype products

We are always busy inventing and improving, and have exciting products in the pipeline that show great performance but are still being tweaked or tested for long-term performance. Select customers and development partners may be offered to test a prototype product for their application. The non customer specific development generally focuses on:

  • ·         Variants for new substrate types
  • ·         Variants with better potential cost efficiency
  • ·         Variants with hazardous ingredients replaced


R&D products

This category of products are generally accessible only to our R&D partners, but exceptions might be made for sufficiently interesting cases. This category includes

  • ·         Formulations in non-aqueous solvents
  • ·         Powder products (including Dye Solar Cell materials)
  • ·         Specific nanoparticle properties


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