Self-cleaning and water protection in one coating

Joma PROTECT series combine photocatalytic self-cleaning power with a waterproofing treatment: two protective mechanisms that work together.

Like with the other Joma products, PROTECT is simply sprayed, brushed or rolled onto the surface. The nanoparticles diffuse into the natural cracks and pores of the surface and bind to the material, making a durable structure with a highly active surface. At the same time, other components modify the pore surfaces making them super-hydrophobic and preventing water - and waterborne fouling - from penetrating into the bulk material, while still allowing vapour through.

The combination effectively boosts the self-cleaning by preventing fouling from reaching below the active zone, and by providing a quicker drying surface. In addition, the reduced water uptake provides its own benefit of frost and weathering resistance.

Achieving both of these effects in the same product is a technological feat, and we see no comparable product on the market.

When exposed to the UV radiation in natural sunlight, the active nanostructures produce radicals that attack microorganisms or air pollution. At the same time, the super-hydrophobic pores prevents most biological matter from getting a proper foothold, and helps to keep the surface dry. This combination is particularly good for tilted or vertical surfaces, but also works on horizontal paving stones.


  • ·         Combined photocatalytic and hydrophobic surface
  • ·         Easy to apply by spraying, rolling  or brushing
  • ·         Extremely diffusion open
  • ·         Corrosive (pH 12-13). Must be handled and stored as Dangerous Goods.
  • ·         Recommended for: concrete paving stones, bricks and roof tiles.
  • ·         Also suitable for: natural stones or as overcoat on silicate/inorganic paint.
  • ·         One liter covers approx. 10 m2 depending on surface porosity.

* This product is not recommended for coating onto emulsion paints or plastics or other organic substrates. Application on surfaces already treated with other coatings or sealants may give variable results. Consult Joma to find out the best combination for your needs.

** Pictures above show extreme water pearling effect as seen shortly after application, and is not representative for the long-term appearance and functionality. Unfortunately the invisible part of the protection is hard to capture in pictures.


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