Joma PROTECT White

Water repelling, self-cleaning concrete treatment

Joma PROTECT series combine photocatalytic self-cleaning power with a super-hydrophobic surface: two self-cleaning mechanisms that work together.


PROTECT White is a non-corrosive variant of the PROTECT using a different chemistry for hydrophobization. This gives superior performance on certain surfaces, typically natural concretes and white painted surfaces, but can potentially give a whitening effect on darker coloured surfaces. Another key advantage is the simpler and safer handling, storage and transportation. 

Like with the other Joma products, PROTECT White is simply sprayed, brushed or rolled onto the surface. The nanoparticles diffuse into small pores to make a high surface of active sites, while other components form a water-repellent layer underneath the self-cleaning zone. Achieving both of these effects at the same time is a unique feature of our Hydro series products.

When exposed to the UV radiation in natural sunlight, the active nanostructures produce radicals that attack microorganisms or air pollution. At the same time, the passive super-hydrophobic effect prevents most biological matter from sticking to the surface in the first place, and helps to keep the surface dry. This combination is particularly good for tilted or vertical surfaces, but also works on horizontal paving stones.




  • ·         Active combination of photocatalytic and passive water proofing.
  • ·         Easy to apply by spraying, rolling  or brushing
  • ·         Extremely diffusion open
  • ·         Neutral pH and no hazardous ingredients
  • ·         Recommended for: natural concrete or as overcoat on white silicate/inorganic paint.
  • ·         One liter covers approx. 10 m2 depending on surface porosity.


* This product is not recommended for coating onto emulsion paints or plastics or other organic substrates. Application on surfaces already treated with other coatings or sealants may give variable results. Consult Joma to find out the best combination for your needs.

** Pictures above display the extreme water pearling seen shortly after treatment, which is not necessarily representative for long-term appearance. The main benefits are invisible. 

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