Joma offers products for a wide range of applications, with a focus on photocatalytic self-cleaning or anti-pollution.


Standard products: TITAN and HYDRO series

The standard product series offered are the hydrophilic TITAN seris and the hydrophobic HYDRO series, both based on the same nanoparticle structure giving superior photocatalytic effect.

TITAN C-63 is a high stability nanoparticle dispersion suitable for application on concrete and a range of other substrates. The dispersion impregnates into the pores and forms a highly photocatalytic surface.

HYDRO C-63 combines the power of the C-63 with water proofing, making the substrate quick drying and stain-repellent in addition to self-cleaning. The product is initially designed for concrete but is applicable on a variety on mineral surfaces.

HYDRO C-44 is a modification of C-63 with no use of hazardous ingredients, but retaining the same unique advantages and performance. This product is designed for natural or white/light concrete.



Specialty products:

In addition to the standard products, Joma can offer specialty products for a range of customers and applications. This includes paint pre-formulations and powders, coating formulations for textiles, plastics and glass, and dispersions with specific pH, viscosity or corrosion properties (including suitable for printhead application).

The product formulations for these applications typically need to be tailored to each specific substrate or customer formulation.

New product development:

The flexibility of the patented Joma process and the broad expertise of our scientist puts Joma in a very good position to develop new commercial products with the right partner.

We have interest in direct company-to-company development as well as in joining publicly funded research program. Please contact us for further discussion.


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