In a garden or park, growth is all around and hard to contain. Walls and stone paths quickly become green unless dilligently maintained. Compared to buildings and roofs there is good access for cleaning, but the growth rates are so high that maintenance can still be a problem. High growth and corresponding maintenance costs leads to landscape architects using tarmac instead of more aestehically pleasing stone and concrete.

From a self-cleaning point of view, gardens are more difficult than buildings since there is simply much more growth to control. A strength of photocatalysis is the breaking down of growth before it has a chance to take proper hold, meaning that even in very tough conditions the surface stays clean longer, reducing maintenance frequency.

  • ·         PROBLEM: High biological loading, growth all around that spreads to walls and paths.
  • ·         SOLUTION: Joma photocatalytic coatings reduce need for cleaning



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