Everyone who owns a building knows that we prefer them to look good, but maintenance can be a lot of work. Even ‘indestructable’ materials like stone, concrete and silicate paint eventually get covered in growth, and buildings don’t need to be very tall before washing the façade becomes a complex operation. Roofs are even worse; unreachable from the ground for cleaning, but collects dead leaves and airborne spores and have plenty of rainwater and sunshine to support growth.

Fortunately, walls and roofs are among the easiest tasks for photocatalytic self-cleaning! Vertical and angled surfaces have no problem with water pooling but instead rain helps wash away degraded material. The good access to sunshine that would otherwise speed up growth, instead speeds up the anti-greening. The drainage pipes still need to be cleared out, but even this is improved since the rainwater picks up less contaminants from the roof itself.

Joma offers products for concrete walls and roof tiles, including the Hydro product seriess. For business customers we can also develop solutions for painted surfaces and variant rooftile materials.

  • ·         PROBLEM: cleaning is cumbersome/costly, particularly for large buildings.
  • ·         SOLUTION: Joma photocatalytic coatings reduce need for cleaning





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