Self Cleaning

Self cleaning anti-biofouling surfaces can be created using the active power of sunlight, photocatalysis, that breaks down organic contaminants that lead to dirty surfaces and growth of moulds, fungi, mosses, bacteria etc. The effect can also lead to the breakdown of ordinary stains.

We have developed the Hydro series formulations that combine photocatalysis with water-repellent properties. Most biofouling is seeded and nourished from water-borne organic material (rain, splashes or airborne microdroplets), and the Hydro products provide a three stage protection by limiting absorbtion of organics in the first place, by providing dryer and thus harsher conditions for biofilm growth, and - most importantly - via active photocatalytic breakdown of the biofilm.  

Self cleaning formulations are primarily designed for utdoor applications using natural sunlight as the power source, but it is also possible to use artificial light sources to power this effect, for example inside tunnels.




(standard garden stone, treated on one side, left outside during winter)

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