About Us

Joma International AS is a Norwegian nanotechnology company, manufacturer and developer of tailor made nano-sized particles of selected metal oxides, nano-structured coatings and composite materials. Our unique large-scale synthesis process enables manufacturing high purity products with low polydispersity and high surface area. The current production capacity of nano sized titanium dioxide materials is up to 200 tons/year with work already started for further extension up to 1000 tons/year.

We are committed to our customers and we are actively engaging collaborative innovation projects and provide formulation assistance for our standard as well as tailor made products. We have all the necessary expertise to help our customers to deliver new functionalities to their products and assist them in moving to the new markets of photocatalytic applications and UV protection.

With Joma products that utilise the energy of sunlight or artificial light in order to break down unwanted chemistries you can achieve:

  • Self-cleaning and anti-fouling functionality
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-algae and anti moss properties
  • Air de-pollution (including de-NOx, benzene decomposition etc) and waste water cleaning

Joma nanoparticles can be delivered in a wide range of concentrations, solvents and stabilizers. We can make:

  • Solutions for spray- and dip-coating with 99.9% visible light transparency
  • Active de-NOx and anti-pollution surfaces on concrete, stone, textiles, glass and other substrates.
  • Self-cleaning and air-cleaning paints
  • Dispersions and slurries with up to 55% nano particle concentration by weight
  • Highly stable transparent dispersions in aqueous and non-aqueous solvents for applications in products with self-cleaning and anti-fouling functionality
  • Aqueous dispersion in neutral, acidic and basic pH
  • Complex solutions for air de-pollution (including de-NOx, decomposition of benzene/PAH/VOC) and waste water cleaning
  • Doped TiO2 coatings and MOX (Mixed OXides) micro powders for visible light photocatalytic applications

  • UV protective coatings for plastic materials

Our History

Joma International AS is a privately owned Norwegian technology company with diverse interests. The company was founded in 2005 in the mountainous Røyrvik community of central Norway, and is named after the Joma Mountain, which was the location for mining operations based on both precious and base metals. The company developed around separation & purification technologies, from mining applications through to the production of metal salts, metal oxides and other extractable high-value, metal-based products. The company developed the high purity products into further higher value products and has since primarily focused on the production and application of nanomaterial’s with a focus on metal oxide nanoparticles.

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